Tennis Whites Only: Reverse Discrimination In Sports Crazed America

Due to a grave error in timing, my associate and I found ourselves on the road during none other than the US Open Finals. Upon recognizing our mistake, we pulled over at the nearest bar to catch what would have been the continuation of Tennis history. We were first marginalized when the Network dropped its Open coverage because it intruded into a "House" re-rerun time slot. Anti-tennis sentiment turned local, and raw, when we disturbed a monopoly of a Patriot's preseason game. Clients, refusing to sit near us, left our side of the Bar. Patron kindly and then firmly, even angrily, asked us to change channel as if we were watching something inappropriate or wearing an Osama Bin Laden shirt on the 4th of July. With the Open taken away from us, we were left with no other option than to leave with our dignity.
I fear that this case of sports crazed mania was tinged with xenophobia. It just so happens that were we're still wearing our tennis outfits upon entering this football cave. With my short being particularly short(for quick movement), I suspect we may have been thought to be homosexuals, or even worse, French.

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