Update: "Oh I Get It Now" : Hairpiece as Genuine as Memoir

Its hard to believe Andre Agassi did meth, dated Brooke Shields, and wore a mullet hairpiece that was both considered cool and nearly flew off during gameplay (true story, it was held on by a few pins when andre used the wrong shampoo and the enzymes attacked the adhesive in his weave). Wow, amazing, shocking, but it is even harder to believe that he could write eloquently about it. As Janet Maslin of the New York TImes book review points out, while Andre Agassi was renowned for his singles play, the authorship of his new memoir, "Open" was undoubtedly doubles in nature.

"Mr. Agassi’s memoir was put together by J. R. Moehringer, who wrote “The Tender Bar,” a shapely and expert memoir of his own. The same gift of gab that colored Mr. Moehringer’s tales of being a boy in a barroom now magically finds its way onto the tennis court and into Mr. Agassi’s much-analyzed, follicularly challenged head".

"Inevitably one wonders which of them actually wrote “it’s the main reason for my pigeon-toed walk” about Mr. Agassi’s troublesome bottom vertebra. The ease with which Mr. Moehringer slips into telling someone else’s story is both consummate and spooky. As for Mr. Agassi, he uses his writing partner in the same way he uses his tennis support staff: as talented individuals in a universe where he, Mr. Agassi, is the one and only sun. (He said that he offered to put Mr. Moehringer’s name on the book, and that Mr. Moehringer declined.)"

Many will debate the content and style of Sarah Plain's book, but at least the Ghost writer will be mentioned. Open is in the best of worlds a collaboration and if its representation does not reflect that, than it can't escape the flaws of its dishonesty.

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