Federer, Grow a Beard: 'Curse of the Gillette Three'

William Shakespeare Penned "He that hath a beard is more than a youth , and he that hath no beard is less than a man". A contemporary poet might venture to ad, that he that hath no beard, may also be likely to sext 12 mistresses, porn stars included.

Move over Kennedy assasination, there is a new conspiracy in town and its baby-faced smooth. As the Tiger saga drags on, this much is clear: Mach III's are cutting down more than stubble, the sporting world's freshest faces are quickly becoming marred by ugly scandal. First soccer, then Golf, will tennis and its Swiss front man be next? Adverts suggest it so

The time of london writes in its"Smooth operators left foaming at the mouth over 'Curse of the Gillette Three'
"Beware the curse of Gillette, ye gods of sport. First Thierry Henry plays pat-a-cake in a World Cup play-off and unleashes a globe-girdling “cheat” storm. Then Tiger Woods suffers a 2am car-to-fire hydrant coincidence in which, pending police investigations, the part possibly played by his wife and a golf club remains mysterious".

The greater temptation is to see these parallel, endorsement-related developments as the operation of a malicious higher force — the work of hubris, even, just as signing up with Nike in the months before a football World Cup is still widely regarded as a sure-fire way to get your metatarsal stamped on in a season-ending league game"

Tiger was assaulted by his wife, The Gillete curse might leave Roger drowned on the court at the hands of Merka. This is an artist's rendering:

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