Leno vs. Coco

Aside from being an avid tennis player, I also enjoy some late night comedy. Of the late night funnymen my allegience, especially in light of the Leno vs. Coco conflagration, falls with Conan O'Brien. Besides being a fellow Irish-Catholic, this is very important to me, Conan was the most interesting to watch. I always preferred his wacky, irreverant, and self depricating style to Leno's middle of the road crap. Leno, in attempting not to offend anyone, bored those without mush for brains and those who like comedy that is funny. Damn you for that Jay Leno. Leno is also full of shit, just watch below.

I always suspected Jay Leno was a schmuck, a company many, under the denim clad everyman persona he tried to portray. Comedian Bill Hicks was way ahead of his time when he was giving Leno shit 20 years ago. One of the things that pained Hicks the most was watching his former idol, Jay Leno, shilling Doritos to bovine America ("Crunch all ya want. we'll make more!") and becoming a corporate fuck-bag for NBC. The routine he created around his loathing for Leno is totally unrelenting and savage, describing, at one point, Jay Leno stuffing the barrel of an Uzi in his mouth and blowing his brains out in the shape of an NBC peacock on the wall behind him after having a meaningless interview with Joey Lawrence from the show "Blossom

Jay Leno: One heck of a tool

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