Spontaneous Architecture: A 513 On Your Control Panel

As we all know the GRC has fallen on some hard times in the current economic climate. (ed. Thanks Reagan , Bush, Obama!!!) Unemployment, debt, apathy, lethargy,  and declining health has been the norm. We may be jobless and penniless but we don't want your pity! Through the collective strength of the group we are determined to maintain a P.M.A. (Positive Mental Attitude) and use our copious free time for good. This is one such project.
  Jared and I recently submitted an entry  for an online monthly design competition with the group  Spontaneous Architecture. This months topic dealt with overarching design for the survival and reconstruction of Haiti. Pretty heavy stuff. With the gravity of subject matter in mind we went about our work in earnest, with a goal and product based mind set. Our design, (below) is a modular tent structure with multiple permutations and configurations. We think that its flexible modularity, simplicity of construction, and integration of resource collecting technology (PV film and rainwater collection system) makes it a forward thinking and viable housing solution for a post emergency environment. In addition to the technical component of the design we also feel that the community-oriented collection of units promotes, safety, order, and accessibility which is of primary importance to long term recovery.  Voting is not open to the public but check it out here, its number 057 in the gallery.   

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