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I have never had an opinion of my own and never been out spoken about anything. Listening to others and regurgitating their ideas has taken on life form of its self, some may call it an art form. I just sit back and let others voice their thoughts on topics ranging from Politics to Sports (and recently fashion, see previous posts). However this blog has been a forum for my fellow contributers to voice their opinions, and not wanting to be left in the shadows I recognize the call to arms. I do not know what this charade will eventually turn into (if anything), but this is my attempt to get mine! So be gentle.
Gino Iannucci is a skateboarding legend and we here at GRC have been long time fans. For reasons unknown he has been on house arrest from sometime and has placed skating on the back burner for sometime now. Recently he was featured on The Berrics, where kids text in random questions (mostly immature shout out request, where the word N***** is used in repeatedly). When asked what his favorite things to do besides skating was his reply might be a surprise or maybe it wont. I may never know what it feels like to float a stylish half cab down a 10 set like yourself Mr. Iannucci but one handed cross court backhands certainly a thing of beauty.

If Tennis is 90% foots work, Baseball is 50% mental and golf is 10% luck then Lacrosse must be 100% handicapped

To keep on the fashion topic. Women are looking either like grandmothers or 12 year old girls that raid their mothers closet with the lights off. Tights and leggings got to go, put some pants on ladies. A whore wears tight fitting short skirts and dresses, now all the whore has to do is throw on some leggings under that same dress and she transforms into a fashionably hip beauty. Fuck that shit I'm not buying it. Don't get me wrong I like staring at a nice ass hear and there, but you are taking the fun out of girls. Old men on the street are having heart attacks when a group of 12 year olds walks buy wearing leggings and a T-shirt. Then you turn around and complain about having dirty old men straining their necks to get a free look and cat calling. I am embarrassed for you, sort it out, before your life turns into a giant walk of shame!

Kid Cudi is the worst thing to happen to American music since the days of Nickleback and Lincoln Park. The guy does not even rap, he just talks super slow over beats that he made on his Macintosh, throw in some samples from Nintendo and BAM! you got a club banger. His lyrics do not even rhyme, am I the only one that sees this, or am I just not cool enough to be down with it? The black eyed peas are another "group" that should be brought out behind the barn and shot in the head execution style. They stumbled on a formula that makes them millions. Every song is the same, but people love it because they can sing along with the catchy chorus. Makes me sick that a bunch of hacks can make "pop music" and have no foreseen talent. I don't know who started this trend in music but I wish them death, because thats what they did, they killed music. Don't even get me started on Lady Gaga

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  1. I think I respect Gino even more for saying, "one handed, cross court backhands" than if he had said, " i do handrails now too"