GRC Research Center: Tennis Chi Aid

It is a long held GRC belief that tennis is .05% inspiration, .05% perspiration and 99.9% footwork. The clarity and devotion to this single minded tennis principle has helped our members develop unrivaled court speed, range, general quickness and in one member in particular, spectacular upper calf definition. While hustle and disproportionately bulky Gastrocnemius muscles has been enough to function in our amateur circles, additional body science research is required to lift our game out of the recent stagnation. I'm talking about a holistic body chi chakra realignment. The body, as with tennis, is a harmonious balance of opposites. Right hand, left hand, forehand, backhand, Yin Yang.   We must harness the power of the eastern occult mysticism to achieve true greatness!

Here are some parting thoughts and exercises to bring to the Thunderdome courts for future play. 

"The entire body should move as one complete unit, not just a hand, leg or arm. Once one part of your body moves, every other part of your body should also be in motion; when you are still, everything should be in stillness. "Be still as a mountain...move like a great river." "

"In Tai Chi, one focuses the attention on the mind, instead of on force. Therefore, use your mind to direct your movements, and let the body follow. Keep the mind fully conscious, aware, and with intent along each and every tiny point along the path of the movement and each point of the body. The mind and breath are king and queen and the bones and muscles are the court."

"Agility is the result of non-double weighting. This means that one's weight is never maintained equally over both legs. One leg is always heavy and one leg is light. By only maintaining one point of substantial contact with the ground you gain the ability to move quickly, much like a ball which moves easily across the ground because it only has one point of contact with it."

"Relax and loosen all the joints, particularly the shoulders and elbows, and sink them so that they are flexible, connected and are able to integrate into proper structure. Relaxed does not mean limp. Proper structure is held with a minimum of muscular exertion with gravity providing the downward stacking, providing power from the root into the ground. Tai Chi transfers energy in the form of a vibration much like a whip which has no tension."

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