The Art of Losing

Greetings Brethren. I wanted to take the time to broach a subject that has been bothering me the last several weeks. I am, unfortunately, in the midst of a losing streak of unprecedented magnitude. Intensive and exhaustive research has been conducted by myself and and my fellow club members and the results are very bleak.

I have won one single match in the last 2 or 3 months.

One match, out of hundreds.

It is embarrassing to say the least and I am at a total loss as to how to change my fortunes. In fact, I am convinced that forces outside of my control, outside of anyone's control even, are conspiring against me. I must have inadvertently done something to cast such a negative shadow on my karmic balance. In order to combat this losing streak I will be visiting the public library on the morrow to acquire some Zen literature. Perhaps inner reflection will lead me out of this darkness. Of course, suggestions are welcome, no matter how outlandish. I am desperate!!!

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