So, is the food free or do we have to pay?

I have mixed feelings about this episode. In some ways it marks the beginning of the decline. This is really one of the first episodes which relies on funny-esque topical plotlines and painful celebrity voice acting which has become a pretty lame staple of the show. (edit, see list of funny celebrity episodes below) On the other hand parts of it are fucking funny. I really love the delivery of the line, "it's my racket" from the producer in the news van. Also the Iraqi gag really got me, this episode aired February 11, 2001 pre -Iraq invasion. So it's more of a desert storm joke which is funny and almost dare I say..genius. Anways....I recommend watching the clip 15-20 times in row and really studying the two newsmen in the van.

Side Show Bob -
Kelsey Grammer

"The Springfield Files" ...
"Hello I'm Leonard Nimoy and I am here to tell you a true tail and when i mean true i mean... false. Its all lies, but its entertaining and isn't that what really matters? The answer is no."

"stark raving dad"- Michael Jackson

"El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer"- Johnny Cash

Phil Hartman- Troy McClure and Lionel Hutz

Wade Boggs....

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