More Diminishing Returns

I might be venturing into fashion police/Gavin (see Andrew’s post below) territory here but I am still going to say it. Hipsters have gone too far. There is a reason that pink sweatshirt with the cat and a rainbow on it has been sitting in the thrift store for years. It looks like shit, and now you look like shit because you are wearing it. End of story. The irony that was associated with wearing something like this is long gone. It’s not funny anymore.

And another thing. Its false advertising. Look at the photo of the three guys below

. In the comments section of Vice magazine, I paraphrase a bit, someone wrote something like “a don’t, n o way man, these guys are great, I’d want them at my party”. And then another commenter, going one step further wrote, “…have them at my party, ha these guys arrrrre the party!”. Noooooo, see this is the problem. We do not know that. They may look like zany party guys who are funny and interesting and always off the wall but they are probably not. They are more likely average guys who fell victim to the hipster fashion arms race and feel the need to wear ridiculous stuff. And what happens when they wear these bowler hats, track suits, fedoras, ugly sweaters, fag jeans, dad’s leather jacket, etc. with a pile of other shit accessories? You end up looking like Kanye West.

So am I saying everyone should start shopping at K-Mart? No. My overall message is this. Cool it hipsters with the “outfits” and shitty accessories. Life isn’t the drama club. If you love irony so much then why have you become so predictable and sartorially shitty? So I have criticized, but what do I offer as an alternative? Well I think Andrew and I touched on this today a bit. Denim products only and maybe some tennis shoes.

Now doesn’t that look better. Excuse me while I go burn all my plaid shirts.

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