Diminishing Returns and the Expanding of Athletic Shorts

Gavin McInnes, Vice co-founder, was on Last call with Carson Daly last week sometime. Even though I'm pretty bored of Gavin's role of king of irony and 'hipster' fashion shaman,  I found his incite on the length of athletic shorts pretty apt. Gavin essentially says that guys are so worried about appearing gay that they pushed acceptable length of shorts too far the other way to the point where everyone is playing basketball in skirts. Its really a case of diminishing returns applied to sport performance, aesthetics, practicality, and masculinity.  A pair of shorts approaching the knee or mid-knee might be  20% more comfortable and 10% less revealing than a short of mid thigh length, but it suffers a 5% decrease in aesthetic quality. If I were to take the same pair of shorts and double the length so they could be twice as comfortable and twice as masculine I would not achieve the desired effect because I wouldn't be wearing shorts anymore I'd be wearing a sun dress.

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  1. O man, Gavin is a self important douche but it's hard hate him when he is so right about this. The droopy, unfolded beanie hat was right on too!